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Thank you for selecting Home Team Title to handle your real estate settlement. In order for us to reserve a specific time/date/location of your closing, please contact our office or have your real estate agent contact our office for a definite date and time.

We will need you to sign and return the purchaser information sheet, in order for us to fully serve you in this transaction. Please do this as quickly as possible.

Please download our PDF file for Buyers that explains in some detail our process.

For the day of Closing it is very important that Seller provide certain documents to Home Team Title if they have not already provided these important documents.

Buyer's Agent - Bring to Closing

  • Consult the Purchasers and Set up Settlement
  • Order title as soon as the contract is ratified and home inspection is complete. The Contract requires that title be promptly ordered.
  • Advise us if there are contingencies that could terminate the contract, such as home inspections or financing.
  • Provide us a copy of the contract and all addenda
  • Provide the name and contact information for the purchaser’s lender
  • Provide contact information for all parties (Zip Forms Cover Page is fine)
  • Power of Attorney (POA) - If any party will not be able to attend settlement, a POA will need to be used. We would be happy to prepare a POA and coordinate the execution. If a POA is already in existence, please fax it to us as soon as possible for our review.
  • Cashiers Check - The contract requires the Purchaser’s funds at settlement be in the form of a wire, a certified check or a cashier's check. If we can get l ender’s figures, we can provide the exact figure a couple of days prior to closing. The Lender’ estimate can be used if figures are not available.
  • Walk-through Issues - Please notify us as soon as possible after the walk-through of any unresolved issues so that we may help try and resolve them prior to settlement or at least be prepared to address the issues at settlement.
  • Water Meter Readings - For Maryland and DC Properties, except for condominiums with the water bill included in the condominium fee, the final water bill will need to be ordered. For Maryland Properties, bring the inside and outside water meter readings to closing. Each reading is 7 digi ts (including "fixed" zeros). Note: some older properties require WSSC to read the meter in the yard.
  • For your convenience a full list is provided in a PDF format.

    If you are involved in a closing as the buyer with Home Team Title, please be sure that you complete the buyer information form and follow the instruction to be sure it is added to your file.


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